Introduction dive

Have you never been diving before and are you curious to find out if you like diving? An introduction dive offers you the possibility to try diving and experience diving without directly signing up for a diving course! After a brief introduction to dive theory, Kurt or Mark will take you into the water for your very first underwater breathing experience.

The most important is that you are comfortable and have fun!

If you can relax underwater, you can learn to dive and start enjoying the beautiful underwater world!

PADI Open Water Course

Are you already convinced that diving is fun, or have we been able to convince you, and do you want to start your very first diving course? Then you are definitely in the right place. Curacao is a perfect place to learn how to dive. Warm and crystal clear water, with beautiful coloured fish and coral, with easy access from the shore at various diving locations.

The Open Water course consists of:

– Five theory sessions
– Five practical underwater sessions right in front of the diving school
– Four open water dives at various locations

After this course you will know how to dive safely and are able to dive with your certified buddy to a maximum depth of 18 meters. This PADI certificate enables you to rent diving equipment all over the world and to participate in group dives.

Duration of course: 4 days.

Requirements: A healthy body and a happy face.

And also: a crew pack with you own manual, logbook (very important) and your own dive table.

Cost: Nafl. 700,- including everything

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Are you a certified Open Water diver and do you want to know more? Are you interested in improving your diving skills? Do you want to visit new dive locations but do you not feel sure enough to do this without an instructor? These are only a few of the reasons to start your Advanced Open Water course. With this course you will further develop your diving skills and gain more confidence and knowledge thereby building on your diving routine. After this course you have the possibility to explore new diving places and get other dive experience. Next to the theory sessions you will make 5 different dives with Kurt or Mark. You learn how to prepare for a dive and how to execute the planned dive independently. You are required to do a deep and navigation dive. The other 3 adventure dives you can choose for yourself. Examples of the dives you can choose from are: wreck dive, night dive or boat dive.

One of the most beautiful wrecks of the Caribbean is located just off the coast of Curacao: the Superior Producer. If the circumstances permit, you are able to dive this wreck during your Advanced course! These are the kind of dives that you will get a kick out of and that will be useful for dives all over the world.

Kosten: Nafl. 600,- including everything

Divemaster course

During this course you learn how to do and demonstrate all diving skills. You learn how to do a briefing and a de-briefing. You learn how to maintain your diving gear, how a diving school works and how to independently guide a dive. You learn to assist the instructor and to answer all sort of diving related questions.

Kosten: Nafl. 1600,- including everything

Specialty courses

Another way to get more diving experience and skills is to follow a specialty course. Many of the specialty courses can be started after completing the Open Water course. For others you need to be a certified Advanced diver.

We offer the following specialty courses:

– Deep water diver
– Wreck diver
– Night diver
– Navigation diver
– Nitrox diver
– Search and recovery
– Digital underwater photography

Please contact us for more information!